ویژگی های محصول:
  • 1 μg/Nml to 80 μg/Nml in 1 μg/Nml steps:Concentration Range
  • Two internal non organic catalyser:Ozone eliminator
  • 10 to 50L/h:Ozone output flow

این فروشگاه از معتبرترین برند ها و بهترین محصولات بازار استفاده میکند.

  • تضمین بهترین قیمت بازار
  • پشتیبانی عالی ۲۴ ساعته، ۷ روز هفته
  • بازگشت وجه در صورت عدم رضایت
  • اصالت کالاها از برترین برندها
  • تحویل سریع در کمترین زمان ممکن

Ozone Generator: Ozonette

The OZONETTE is a compact medical ozone generator, featuring great reliability and simplistic operation, designed or those Ozone therapy applications where safety and delivered concentrations need to be measured accurately.

The OZONETTE has been designed bearing in mind the needs of health professionals who need a compact generator for applications where mainly infiltrations specialties are made. Syringe applications can be achieved easily by automatic syringe size detection. No flushing is needed since OZONETTE has no dead space gas allowing secure and fast filling. In addition, the unit features display system error messages if the generator is operating out of specifications thus providing security and reliable ozone

1 μg/Nml to 80 μg/Nml in 1 μg/Nml steps
Concentration Range
ACM Maintenance free system
Concentration Measurement
Syringe, Continuous and Manual
Operation modes
3 g/h specially useful for bagging application
Two internal non organic catalyser
Ozone eliminator
Stainless steel Lüer lock
Ozone output
Digitally adjustable from 10 to 50L/h
Ozone output flow
Two valve digitally controlled
Ozone output system
Switch less touch pad
Control and operation
High contrast graphic LCD, 192mm x 64mm
3kg / 25 x 27 x 12cm (9.8 x 10.6 x 4.7 lb)
Weight / Dimensions
CE 1639 (MDD llb Class), RoHSCertificates
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